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Letter from the CEO – July 2016

Dear Softcup Customers,

Many of you have written in and expressed your frustrations and fears of losing your menstrual discs, but also your love of our product. I’m taking this opportunity to clarify what happened, what is happening to Softcup, and what you can do to help keep your products on the shelves.

In July 2016, The Flex Company took over operations of Softcup. If we hadn’t acquired Softcup to keep the product line going, it would no longer exist. The prior owners started slowing down manufacturing of the product in anticipation of an imminent shutdown. This created a product shortage in stores across the U.S. and Canada. We’ve been working diligently to increase production and identify key retail partners.

Moving Ahead

After our acquisition of Softcup and digging into the business, we learned a lot. Here’s what’s most relevant for you, our customers.

  1. We can’t continue selling Softcup in some retailers. The pricing agreements we inherited with some retailers would inevitably drive us out of business because we lose money on each sale.
  2. We have no control over the retail price you pay. We charge retailers a set price for our product (we inherited this price from our predecessors). Retailers then set the price for consumers. We can recommend a retail price, but ultimately the price you pay at the store is set by retailers and we have zero say in what they charge. This is a standard practice in retail, and for feminine care products in particular.
  3. Increased pricing for customers has been a result of our current low inventory and rogue online sellers. When stores run low on their supply of inventory, and there’s an increase in demand by consumers, some retailers may increase prices because the product is scarce.

What We’re Doing About All This

We want to make sure that Softcup still exists, but if we didn’t address the issues, we’d have no choice but to shut it down, too. Here’s what we’re doing to address:

  1. We are currently working with retailers in an effort to keep Softcup in as many stores as possible.
  2. We are working diligently to correct an inventory shortage we inherited by maxing out our production schedule to meet our retail partner demand. Please note the inventory shortage and current increased price situation is the result of the prior owner slowing production, not the fault of our valued retail partners.
  3. We are working hard to normalize (and stabilize) pricing, but it may be several months before that happens, especially since pricing is largely out of our control.

Softcup is currently available in CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Kroger.

I’m a huge fan of Softcup, and in many ways, its features and functionality served as an inspiration for me when I decided to create my own menstrual product… And without a doubt, if I was without a menstrual disc, I’d free bleed all over my panties before I would go back to using tampons.

We founded The Flex Company with the belief that women deserve more options for period care, and better options for our health. We fundamentally believe that by acquiring Softcup, we’re fulfilling that brand promise – to not only offer the product that we’ve been working so hard to develop over the past year, but to also continue a product with a strong legacy and loyal customer base. In a world where we could have allowed our competitor to wither away, we’ve prioritized the real needs of women like you.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.



founder & ceo

The Flex Company

P.S. If you have specific questions about the availability or pricing of Softcup at your local retailer, please talk with your local store manager.

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